Your Passport To Rare Happiness

I also enjoy making books of magical places I find.

Here is the first edition and I hope you love it and go visit Forks, Washington…the most magical place in the United States and home to One Square Inch!

THANK YOU Mr. Hempton for starting this movement!

Olympic National Park – The Magical Book



4 thoughts on “Your Passport To Rare Happiness

  1. About us:

    My fiance and I met in college. We were actually volunteering at a children’s festival together and got assigned to the same game. We spent the day Manning “the needle in the haystack” and getting to know one another. Come to find out we were both on the track team and would be seeing a lot more of each other once the season started. Fast forward 5+ years and we’re getting married.

    The Wedding:

    I really want my wedding to have a soft romantic feel to it. I’m a huge romance buff so I want all of our guests to get lost in our fairy tale while in attendance. My biggest concern regarding our venue is the location of the venue itself. It’s located right in the middle of a little shopping area, complete with bank next door and everything. I’m really looking for a photographer who is creative enough to take awesome pictures that we’ll look back on for life despite the lack of scenery.

    Wedding Date: 9/24/16
    Wedding Location: Hidden Pines Chapel ( Highland Village, TX )
    Guests: 150


  2. You can easily work around the lack of scenery… Sometimes a brick building with a nice white dress makes a beautiful photo! It will really be lovely I am sure. You can make even a small bit of grass look park like… It can be done. Best Always… Fellow Forks photographer, Penny Winn

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