Chastidy’s Magical Wedding Day

Chastidy and her fiancé’ booked their wedding at a place called The Willows. It’s a stunning place with great big lush willow trees with leaves that hang like curtains and gently wave with the slightest breeze. The day was absolutely perfect. The weather was excellent. The sun, perfectly positioned just about the horizon. None of these photographs have been “photo shopped” – I simply do not use those kinds of programs to create my magical photography …… especially with weddings. These are all about being in the right place at the right time, knowing what to look for and knowing how to use the limitations of the camera. I hope you enjoy these. Chastidy sent me a message after she received them and she said that she broke down into tears because they were so beautiful. Chastidy – you are too!





Fashion Show

Ladies and Gentlemen – First off I must say ALL of you are beautiful and talented beyond words’ descriptions! The energy that loomed throughout the very acoustics of the building was enough to leave me in profound humbleness and I feel very grateful that you all allowed me the privilege of documenting your exceptional evening. In the next several weeks I will be polishing and posting your photographs. I do hope you are well pleased with them and please do share them! THANK YOU ALL! xoxoxox – Ally

In the meantime – a teaser!





Lost Maples State Natural Area

OK I am going to attempt a voice to text post with word press using an iPhone my apologies advance for any typos this year the weather was not cooperating with the change of the leaves but this past week something magical happened a lot of leaves fell dead from the trees but they are burst of color and some things even died

Lost Maples now looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie

Do not wait until Thanksgiving to go go now while there are burst of color and spookiness it is really a surreal site!!!

I also found leaves in solid gold in the visitor center and bought one also one dipped in copper I love it it is gorgeous they had only a few left 

Beautiful! None of my photos are photoshopped…the sun and the day heat hitting the evening cold with the light mist was just perfect nature there is spectacular!!!

Richard: Thank you for the foliage report 🙂