About Me

About What I Do
“Photography That Moves You”
Anyone can take photographs. Anyone. My goal is to provide you with something different…refreshing….happy….and with an intuitive creative touch.

Unsolicited celebrity photographs-

Prince  – Personal photos. No please do not ask me me see them they are confidential but yes I did them and have them. Stop asking to see them.

Schwatrzkopf Runway Shows

Golden Corral


State of New Jersey

State of Washington

State of Texas

More upon request

Experience- Over 25 yrs. CONTACT –   Allysonkitts@gmail.com

Nominated : Top 10 Photographers in the USA
Recent awards that I am humbled and do not deserve:
Winner 2015 People’s Choice Award for best told love story through photography
Winner 2013 People’s Choice Award for best wedding photographer
Winner 2014 The Knot – Best of The Knot for wedding photography  dba “Maestro”
2010- “Pick” for National Geographic

Examples of real work are on these pages. Take your time and browse.

I do all kinds of photography.

Please take your time to enjoy the sampling of photographs jettison upon this page or check out the other pages if you have all day and email for an appointment for whatever you have in mind! If you enjoy trees there are lots of them. Bob Ross said once that there was nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.

I combine the discipline of documentary photojournalism with many years of experience to capture drop dead gorgeous photographs. Your photos will be extremely well thought out and you won’t be disappointed.

I know this because Tyler knows this. YES I have a sense of humor.

Other passions and things of the past:
Anything that helps our veterans, the less fortunate and children. Helping to boost others feels just wonderful!
Eco Tourism Photography – this means I get to escape!
High end magazines including Lifestyles, Conde Naste and Nat Geo
Several famous book designs and a few celebrities and the press
Helping people to look their best and most beautiful through photography

Beautiful, magical places ….. places that enchant….places that bring back the joys and wonder of childhood….the feeling of awe and freedom that fades as time marches onward……in the end all that we are is what we leave behind. Make it magical.   Back to blog


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  2. Hello, I’m looking for a photographer to take engagement photos in the Olympic Forest around September. Please contact me with any possible options. Thank you. 🙂

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