Life is a Gift
Even the things in life that make it seem not worth it are in fact gifts and they
are in fact worth it if you take the time to appreciate it for what it can bring!
Everything that happens, happens for a reason!
Is it up to us to know what the reason is? Eventually..sometimes right away.
But this day, this gift of life, this moment is yours NOW.
You have NOW thats it. No one is promised tomorrow…and the past is gone.
Time. You cannot get back time. You can only reap the benefits of NOW!
This past week I have heard people complain of just about everything.
A lady complains about her job. How it takes so much out of her day and how she gets so little from it.
People complain that life is overwhelming. Too many bills. Too little
time for themself.
Today a male complained to me about a drive he took complaining it was taking too long and he was tired.
Things only feel the way that we do because we do not take the time to appreciate and reap the benefits of whats going on now. Even if seems like a bad thing is happening,bad things usually happen before good things do. Its a metamorphis, a rippling butterfly effect that eventually affects us ALL and when we say negative things about whats going on in the now, we rape ourselves of the good which is actually happening!
During that 1800 mile drive,did you not have the rare opportunity to enjoy the landscape? To see things?
To notice the changes in the ground. To savor a peaceful moment where you can think where there was nothing but open road and the power of your mind?
To enjoy the moments of the now that were gifted to you so you can enjoy whats going on?
Have you ever noticed that when your doing something that you know that you love, that time kind of flies by and you know you love it so you seem to enjoy it and that
enjoyment goes by far too fast then its gone and your left with a sense of want.
You don’t get TIRED or upset when your doing something you LOVE IT…you ENJOY it and you savor each and every step of it! You are conscious of the “now”.
If you take the time to appreciate whats really going on…really pause and bring your
attention to the any situation you can find some happiness and in most
situations you will find peace and a lot of pleasure!
The next time that life overwhelms you, bring your attention to whats going on right now.
Smell the air. Feel the breeze. Notice colors. Detect scents. Notice the bird in the sky or the trees the way that the leaves seem to applaud as they make their final descent to the ground in a shower of delight! See? Even the trees know how to enjoy plain moments! They are shedding death yet they are happy.
Life is a dance. Each day is a set of steps in that dance!
When you are dancing, do you not relish each and every step?
Moving place to place on the dance floor your not aiming to hit any mark on the floor your just dancing and enjoying whats happening at that moment, in the NOW and you aren’t in a race!
You don’t say “I’m going to take you and were going to end up over there”…
You just do it and its fun. Its beautiful in fact. If you were to fall over a chair and that
other person is laughing along with you, you would both be directing your attention to the FUN or the humor in it and keep on dancing!
Life – its just that! Think about it!


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