Loneliness Captured

How does a person capture a powerful feeling?

Go to a place where the word of feeling occurred, compose it in the context in which you wish to portray and capture the image using the available light….no voodoo involved…

This is one way.

In this room at the lunatic asylum, people played games. Surrounded by less than hospitable or sanitary conditions, those afflicted by supposed mental illness shuffled about the room dawdling whatever was available.

In this room I too experienced immense loneliness. Imagine yourself in the chair, in that room right now surrounded by cold hard walls an even colder floor where your every move echoes…your every tap tappity tap of the game board bouncing down the hall…the weight of your breath seen in the air as you exhale into the heatless 32 degree hell hole. You cannot get out.  Noone can come to see you. Its just you in that chair with the board and those conditions….

Scroll down to see more of this place.



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