Abandoned Insane Asylum Photos

Warning: these photographs are from a real abandoned mental asylum. In some photos there is evidence of schizophrenia, severe debilitating depression, catatonia, incredible anxiety and many other ailments. The methods used to “cure” those afflicted were in most cases less than humane. Indentations from head bangings and strait jacket use as well as claw marks and repetitive motion are evident. I hope you enjoy these. This place opened in the early 1800 but is closed…. It is estimated by old records that possibly (scroll to see!)image


Heavy with medieval medication or melancholy, thousands of feet have shuffled up and down  up    And    down these stairs as evidenced by the sagging creaky old boards  …look and you will see how they sway and sag!






image image image image image85000 people were admitted to much of this sprawled out over crowded hell hole most did not check out ….

image image image image


image image

Loneliness …..

The in-depth photographs will be done and posted in the next several days to weeks in the mean time please share like and enjoy!!!


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