Things I Find In Old Books

I love old books and I collect them. 1500s- 1800s and occasionally the strange newer ( under 100 years old) and SOMEtimes the treaAntique adts of time capsules fall from those pages. Tonight I opened up an unused baby book from 1940 early on and discovered ads! In perfect pressed yesterday condition ! I just love how they illustrate a much simpler and happier time in history. Before all this technology tried to dismantle real human contact. The words used in some of the ads are refreshing. Delightful to read they make me long for that time …. Not too long ago … When people truly connected. Eye contact. Face to face speech. Care.  The quality of conversation. Here is one of those ads from a drug store. It is from a time nothing modern can replicate …it lives only in the hearts of those who were there and in the imaginations of us who long to be….  I will be sharing more on my blog in the future.  Enjoy:)


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