Creepy Trees

As a child I remember taking hikes from my back yard into the woods. The trees were not far away and as I would walk I would see things which sparked my interest and that ever changing ocean of scenery would ignite something very happy in me. Encouraged by the happiness I would be gone for what seemed like days sometimes. Back then there was development but not at the rapid rate that you see today. Homes were being built. Small places with trees were wiped clean by bulldozers to make room for them. As a child I would still run into herds of deer, the wildlife was not far away either. Rivers looked and felt a lot cleaner….and there were always plenty of spots where you could find trees densely packed together, growing like an army blotting out the sun. The air would change to an eerie stillness, the sounds of the forest floor muted to a low hum and these places were abundant!

Time has passed and now looking back, I sense a feeling of urgency to now more than ever to find and photograph these remaining creepy natural places to preserve for future generations before they are all gone…..

Spooky forest trees

Spooky forest trees


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