Magical Balmorhea State Park

Photo to David Greenhaw PADI instructor

Photo by David Greenhaw PADI instructor

Balmorhea is self described as a cool oasis in the high desert…. and it is. Several years ago I visited and was blown away by the clarity of the water. It is a protected spot and all of the creatures are also protected but there is a LOT to see and do if you like water. The fish will immediately befriend you and that alone will make any adult laugh.  To sum it up, this place is a giant clear cool pool of love, happiness and kissing fish.

Recently I went scuba diving there and a whole new level of fun opened up.  I totally recommend getting a scuba certification with Liquid Experience. Here is their website.

There is a LOT to see underwater and its clear as bath water. You will LOVE IT!  Don’t grab the crabs though!

Balmorhea offers rooms to stay at a pretty decent price and camping. The natives are quiet at night.

Bring food and beverages and a towel! There is nothing to eat in the park as of this post and very limited drinks.

Here is the link to the state park website


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