The Last Oasis ? I think so….

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Not my photo but a story I must share 

This is my dad. This photo was shot by the Frederick Post many many years ago. I think it’s beautiful but it’s actually sad. Little did I know this famous shot was wrought with grief and despair as the journalist described it as a man enjoying a quiet evening in the park doing a crossword puzzle.  That journalist was so wrong …..

He was homeless in the photo becuase of the actions of an evil woman who has no ability to love. She threw him out becuase she wasn’t satisfied with what he could provide.  I never recall being hungry or lonely or unloved when dad was around.  So for what it’s worth – never judge anyone by what you see.  And always seek truth. 

I love you dad 


img_1992During one of my exploration excursions I discovered this meadow with trees on top of a sea stack in the Pacific Ocean. From the shore it looked like a dot of green so out of curiosity I whipped out the giant lense and captured this. I was without kayak or scuba gear at that moment. But I do know where it is and if I actually survive the attempt to explore it I will be sure to share the photographs. Perhaps this summer … here’s a shot of it. I would say it’s at least a good half mile or more off shore amidst a treacherous field of smaller much sharper rocks and huge crashing waves